Containerised Test Data Automation

Test Data Automation and Windocks provide complete and containerised test databases on demand. Testers, automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines can spin up containers in seconds, filling them with rich and compliant test data. Testing keeps pace with Enterprise DevOps, delivering rigorously tested systems in-sprint.

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Test Data Holds Up Enterprise DevOps

Develops today alter complex systems substantially in short iterations, creating bottlenecks for traditional test data management. Containers, APIs and code repositories allow developers to rip-and-replace system components faster than ever. Relying on manual test data provisioning in turn delays testing and critical releases. The data dependencies are simply too complex for a central team to fulfil requests in a timely manner, as data must reflect components, technologies, and versions. What’s worse, the requests pile up faster than ever, with data-hungry automation frameworks working alongside parallel test teams. Meanwhile, low-variety production data cannot test the system logic rigorously and risks exposing sensitive data to less-secure test environments.

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DevOps-Enabled Test Data

The Test Data Automation and Windocks integration enables testers, automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines to deploy and access containerised databases in parallel and on demand. A range of on-the-fly test data management utilities, from data masking to generation, prepare the data as it moves to containers, ensuring that parallelised testers and automated tests have access to the rich and compliant test data they need, exactly when they need it:Test Data Automation and Windocks_Containerised Test Databases On Demand-2

Test Data Automation runs “just in time” data “find and makes” for a range of data sources and targets, providing consistent and comprehensive data for complex environments. Meanwhile, on-the-fly data masking, subsetting, cloning, and more ensure that the right data is allocated to every test. Maintaining data consistency is as quick and easy as configuring a test data job for one data source, before exposing it to a central test data catalogue. Each reusable job can then be combined and re-used, resolving on-the-fly as containerised databases are cloned and deployed in seconds by Windocks. Windocks virtualises, clones and deploys the database in seconds, providing parallel test frameworks and teams with interrelated data at the speed of modern development.

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Stop managing test data, start automating it

Watch this short example of containerised Test Data Automation for a SQL Server ecommerce database, to discover how:

  1. Test Data Automation provides an intuitive web portal for spinning up containerised databases in seconds, filling in simple web forms to access rich test data on demand.      

  2. The web portal includes Windocks jobs for spinning up virtual databases, cloning and creating containerised databases in a few clicks.

  3. The on-demand virtual databases replace slow data provisioning and costly infrastructure, providing the parallel data that test teams and frameworks need to test in-sprint.

  4. Leveraging a reusable test data generation job augments the containerised database with realistic synthetic data, increasing test coverage while retaining data consistency.

  5. A simple tickbox makes a reusable masking routine available in the containerised database, allowing data to be anonymised immediately as it is deployed.

  6. Test Data Automation automatically generates JSON messages, generating or scraping data values to create accurate messages for testing complex systems.

  7. Masking and augmenting data as it moves to containers ensures that testers have all the compliant data they need to test fast-changing systems rigorously in-sprint.


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