"Just in Time" Data

Test data for every test.

Define realistic synthetic data for every possible test, using a comprehensive range of easy-to-use data generation functions.

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Simple, quick, and comprehensive

Data provisioning with Test Modeller and Test Data Automation is:
  • Compliant, using realistic but synthetic data to sidestep stringent and potentially costly data protection regulations.

  • Comprehensive, generating data combinations not found in production for more rigorous testing.

  • Simple, with 500+ Excel-style data generations functions that are ready-to-use without complex retooling or training.

  • Plugged into your world, with complex data found or created across existing databases and files using a range of connectors.

  • Reactive to change, simply re-resolving the dynamic data functions as the system evolves.

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Data to drive rigorous automated testing


The comprehensive test data can be consumed by existing automation frameworks or can be generated at the same time as rigorous test cases and automated tests in Test Modeller.


"Just In Time" Test Data Provisioning
Test Data Compromises Testing Agility and Quality

1. Compliant Data for Every Test:

A comprehensive set of easy-to-use data generation define test data with which to execute every test. The dynamic functions are configured in Excel or are overalid onto models in Test Modeller.

1. Data Undermines Testing Rigour

Production data is slowly copied to test environments, but is out-of-date by the time it's provisioned and risks breaching stringent data privacy regulations. It only contains a fraction of combinations needed for rigorous testing.


2. "Just In Time" Data Resolution:

The dynamic data functions resolve "just in time" as tests are created automatically using Test Modeller, or as it is consumed by data-driven test automation frameworks.

2. Test Data Bottlenecks:

Testers search through the masses of complex data to find the exact combinations needed for their tests, and must create missing or constrained data by hand.

3. The Latest Test Data on Demand:

Data functions re-resolve during test execution after the system model changes or a connected database has been edited.

3. Out-of-Date Test Data:

Data is laboriously refreshed after the system changes, and testers must check and update the data matched with their existing tests.


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